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The 护理学硕士 (MSN) degree is designed for the registered nurse who is a graduate of a baccalaureate program in nursing and seeking to be a family nurse practitioner. 课程 meet Tuesdays from 3:30-7:30 p.m. The program is built on a tradition of excellence in nursing education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A distinctive feature of the program is an emphasis on nursing care in a culturally diverse society. We believe in providing care that values understanding the stories of patients, including those who are marginalized in our society.

One track of study is offered: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)


  • Develop a personal relationship with professors.
  • 这是一个面对面的课程.

  • The director collaborates with students in arranging the clinical placements. Many programs require students to find their own clinical placements.
  • Cohort model (students move through the coursework as a group). Encourages the development of long-term relationships with peers.


2023- 2024年的成本: 每学时$730 *

学生年费: $350

Number of credits for each year of the program:

  • 第一年= 18学时
  • 第二年= 17学时
  • 第三年= 13学时

*Books are not included in the tuition. Most adult learners prefer to purchase their own books.


长度: 32个月(48学分)

下次开始日期: 2024年秋季

Family Nurse Practitioner Track


The 美国高盛学院 Family Nurse Practitioner program partners with many health systems and clinical practices. Some of the major partners include: Goshen Physician Group, 信誉电子游戏排名家庭医生, 信标健康系统, 博格斯健康系统, 布朗森健康系统, 就妇产医院, 枫城医疗保健中心, Saint Joseph Regional 健康 System, 南本德诊所, 和斯特吉斯卫生系统.


M.S. 护理学院


Associate Professor of 护理
Department Chair; Director of Baccalaureate 护理 程序s


Associate Professor of 护理